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Are you looking to partner with a Recruitment firm? Here are some things to consider!

Hiring new employees is a lot of work. Hiring the right candidate can be challenging. And for a lot of HR Managers and Hiring Managers alike, this is not their only job! Before Hire DSM was born, I had been approached by several of my old clients to continue to work with them in different capacities. After many conversations with both hiring Managers and HR Executives, I couldn't believe the common denominator with all of their job expectations. They all had a long list of "to dos" on their plate before recruiting was even considered - most of their tasks being very vital to the company's every day functions. For a lot of companies, having a valued business partner in the Recruitment space is essential to get products or services out the door! Finding the right one sometimes takes time, but I promise, it is worth it! When looking to leverage a Recruitment company, first ask yourself a couple of questions about your own internal hiring needs. Once you have some basic thoughts collected on your hiring goals, here are some additional things to consider when looking for a Recruitment partner!

Company hiring needs to consider:

  1. Why are you looking to use a recruitment firm? A lot of times utilizing an outside firm is a "knee jerk reaction." You don't have time to do the recruitment process, but you needed the new hires... yesterday?! (Famous line in the recruiting world!) Before looking to a firm, think through what it is you are needing to accomplish. Hiring, yes, but what is the long term goal? Do you want just one hire, maybe a couple? Or are you looking for a strategic partner that you can turn to anytime. They understand your business and needs and are able to deliver? Understanding what your looking for will help guide initial conversations with the firm to make sure that they are the right fit for you and your company's hiring goals.

  2. What does your next month, maybe year of hiring look like? Sometimes it isn't easy to forecast your next year of hiring. But if possible, take some time to look through your company's growth goals for the next six months to a year. Are you looking to hiring a new person a month? Or are you looking for ten starts for the next two months? Even if it changes, knowing some of these things will help guide the conversation with the firm to make sure that they can handle your needs!

Things to ask or consider with your next Recruitment partner:

  1. What are their strengths as a firm? Some firms now have become extremely niche, only recruiting on one or two skill sets. On the other hand, some can do all sorts of recruiting or have different options... but that isn't always as great as it seems either! Regardless, you want to make sure that their strengths align with what you are looking for.

  • Do they specialize in your skill sets you routinely hire?

  • If you are needing a technical hire, how many have they placed? Don't be afraid to spend time here in making sure they are set up to fulfill on the skill sets that you routinely hire. This could impact quality of candidates, as well as time to fill!

  1. What are their fee structures or hiring terms? In general, when working with a traditional staffing firm, you are billed for each hour that candidate works, for a specific duration of the contract, established before a candidate starts. Durations are all across the board for agencies. I have seen as low as three months for a non skilled position and as high as several years before you can convert the candidate onto your payroll and make them an FTE of your company. When looking at terms, make sure that the terms make sense and work for your company. Depending on your situation, don't be afraid to ask more questions! Do they give volume discounts if you reach a certain headcount with them? There are different things to consider with pricing or fee structure - just ask! A good firm will work with you on hiring structure as much as they can to make business sense for all parties involved.

  2. Do they have any references? Don't be afraid to ask for references and get some feedback from other clients that they work with! Get some real feedback of how their services work in practice and if they fit what your company is looking for! A great relationship with a recruitment firm can be a gamechanger for your business! The more you can work with one or two firms that align with your company, the more you can invest time and energy into building a strong relationship where you know you can count on them to understand your needs! At Hire DSM, we take pride in building strong relationships with our clients and contractors. If you are considering partnering with a firm, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you might have!

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