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Best of Des Moines? Why, thank you!

Proud & Grateful! That is what we are feeling in the Hire DSM office this week!

Last Friday, the Business Record announced it’s “Best of the City” awards. We were honored to receive the Runner Up for Best Staffing Agency in Des Moines!

When I received notification of our award a few months ago, my eyes welled up with tears of, honestly, disbelief at first, but then sheer pride. It took me back to almost a year ago when we made the decision as a team to add staffing services to supplement our current talent solution offerings.

In December of 2022, I had noticed an ad from another local firm in Des Moines that had received a similar recognition. I took a screen shot of the award that company had won and took it to my team meeting the next morning. My dream in starting this company was not necessarily to become the biggest, but to become the best. Become the best in customer service, in client satisfaction – the agency that shows up as a true business partner to our clients and helps connect our talented community to the best employers in town. That is what we are building – a great client and candidate experience for one of the most challenging tasks of most companies, and daunting times for a candidate.

I chose to grow our services and build an amazing team. Fast forward 7 short months later – our community has voted for us! I couldn’t believe what I was reading (and thought it was spam at first… I actually had deleted it!).

But to know that in such a short amount of time that we've impacted enough people that they took the time to type in our name to nominate us, is just amazing! So thank you Des Moines for recognizing us! We are so excited to continue to serve our community, and help companies find the right talent and people find the right roles.

- Nicky, CEO of HireDSM

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