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Can Technology and Recruiting Be Friends?

The recruiting industry depends on a lot of factors in order to succeed: business, individuals looking for work, recruiters, sourcers, sales teams, and most importantly, technology. In today's world, no one can take a few steps in the career search without relying on technology for most if not all of the process. The major question is; Is technology overtaking the recruiting industry, or are the advancements in the technological field from over the last decade helping the recruiting industry? Going through new software implementation ourselves earlier this year, we want to share some of our thoughts on this!

To understand this question, look at the pros and cons of technology's involvement in the recruiting process:



More efficient and streamlined processed for both recruiters and candidates.

Reduces the human element of the hiring process.

Reaches more people.

Large investment of time, money, and resources.

Can improve candidate experience.

Data privacy concerns on the candidate's end.

Makes assessing potential candidates easier.

Could vet out qualified candidates depending on filters

Speeds up the hiring process.

We can see that there are benefits and downsides to using technology in the recruiting industry. Here are some of the best practices we have found when implementing technology into the recruiting process to make them work cohesively:

  1. Set clear goals for what you are using the technology for, and ensure the system is set up correctly to help your team reach them.

  2. Keep the human element of the hiring and recruiting processes as active as possible. Don't lose your candidate experience!

  3. Train staff on how to use the technology as a tool in their tool box to help elevate their process, while making sure they don't lose the human element.

  4. Continuously test the effectiveness of the technology you are using.

Keeping all these things in mind will help you and your recruiters understand and utilize technology through recruiting in a more efficient way.

Hire DSM is a recruiting firm, and we want to help you succeed in the recruiting business!

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