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How can a Recruiter help you with your career path?

Looking for a job can be extremely difficult and time-consuming Landing the job can be even harder. A recruiter can help you thought that process. As recruiters our focus is to help you find a career that fits your skill set and lifestyle.

Our priority is you!

So here are the steps you can take to ensure our time together is both productive and helpful:

  1. Prepare your Resume: -Your work experience: make sure to highlight tasks or projects you have done that are relevant to what job you are applying for. -Your current contact information: include your full name, phone number you can be reached at, and an active email you check regularly. -Any skills you have that might pertain to the job you are applying for: What tools cna you use? What software or technology are you familiar with? What general soft skills do you consider yourself really good at; communication social skills, writing, typing, etc.?

  2. Dress the part: -Ask what appropriate dress would be or do some research - You likely don't need a suit and tie, but nice jeans and a polo or nice shirt. Dressing to impress during a job interview goes a long way for an employer and is their first impression of you.

  3. Know Your Stuff: -If you are applying for a job that involves project management, then make sure you come to the interview with knowledge of the projects you have experience with.

Talking to a recruiter with all of this in mind will give the recruiter knowledge of what kind of person you are, how you present yourself, and what kind of companies our recruiter can you plead with. Your recruiter can also give you tips and tricks and even do a role play with you Hire DSM recruiters are ready to help you land your next career!

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